Basketball Betting

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For those of us on this site, one of our favourite sports to bet on is undoubtedly basketball. Underestimated by many punters, basketball is a sport for bettors. Our staff loves watching the games every day, both European basketball and NBA. On every game there are many betting options.


Online Basketball Betting

The success in betting on basketball comes as a natural consequence of a lot of work, gathering information about the game and analysing statistics about the two teams. When you decide to bet online on a basketball match, you need to take a few factors into consideration, starting with the state of form of the two teams.

Never bet on a basketball match unless you know the background and context of the match. If on the one hand you bet “head to head” only on two results (there is no “X” like in football), on the other hand the fronts during a normal match are often overturned, mountains of points are scored and anything can really happen.

One last rule always valid for betting on basketball: know the game and its rules in every detail, especially if you want to bet LIVE on basketball. Careless or inaccurate betting should be avoided: if you don’t know the meaning and the rules of a type of bet on basketball, it is better to give up and bet on something else.

UK Basketball and Basketball Abroad

Even if in the UK the sport is still (too) little visible, in other European countries it is almost the national sport: this should be taken into account, especially when betting on European matches that see an Italian team facing a foreign one. In cases like this, you should inform yourself thoroughly about both teams before placing your bets.

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